Dunlop Acifort Heavy Duty S5 027

Dunlop Acifort Heavy Duty S5 027

Art. number: 027
Name: Dunlop Acifort Heavy Duty S5
Description: Safety boot
Color: Black
Sizes: 39-48
Toe cap: Steel, 200J.
Midsole: Steel.
Construction material: ACIFORT®
Country of manufacture: Portugal

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Safety boot Dunlop Acifort Heavy Duty S5 027

EN ISO 20345
Properties: Made from ACIFORT®, which is PVC, nitrile rubber and polymers.
Waterproof, Antistatic, Oil-resistant.
Chemical resistant code 3. Slip-resistant sole (SRA) with shock-absorbing heel.
Suitable for construction.

ACIFORT® Technology

Acifort = Acide + Comfort. Is a mixture of PVC and Rubber and especially developed for each individual industry. The unique combination of PVC, Nitrile rubber and polymers create a longer lasting, more durable and comfortable boot. Acifort® compounds are constructed from 3 different components:
• Antistatic components
• Nitrile rubber creates a more comfortable boot.
It ensures a longer lifetime, better resistancy to oil, fat, blood, chemicals and weardown
• Polymers guarantees the maximum lifetime for PVC boots