Pyramex Venture II

Pyramex Venture II

Name: Pyramex Venture II
Description: Safety Glasses

Art. Number: 91020
Lens: Clear

Art. Number: 91021
Lens: Clear Anti-Fog

Art. Number: 91022
Lens: Gray

Art. Number: 91023
Lens: Gray Anti-Fog

Art. Number: 91024
Lens: Orange

Art. Number: 91025
Lens: Infinity Blue

Art. Number: 91026
Lens: 5.0 IR Filter

Art. Number: 91027
Lens: 3.0 IR Filter

Art. Number: 91028
Lens: Silver Mirror

Art. Number: 91029
Lens: Mirror

Art. Number: 91030
Lens: Clear

Art. Number: 91031
Lens: Clear

Pyramex Venture II

  • Balistic certificate
  • Temples adjust to four different lengths.
  • Nose buds secure the glass and prevent slipping.
  • 10 base curved lens provides full side protection without distracting seams or traditional type side shields.
  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99% UVA/B/C protection.