Zelinsky Group UNIX 303 P3 R D

Zelinsky Group UNIX 303 P3 R D

Reusable particle filters P3 R D with Bayonet connection

Art. Number: 92123
Zelinsky Group UNIX 303 P3 R D
Efficiency: High
Protection from: Aerosols (dust, fume, mist)

Packing: 2 pieces
Box: 20 pieces
Carton box: 120 pieces

Reusable particle filters Zelinsky Group UNIX 303 P3 R D.

EN 143:2000+A1:2006
All UNIX filters match the full-face and half face UNIX masks

The filters are classified as high efficiency (P3) and reusable (R, according to EN 143:2000+A1:2006) filters, which are resistant to dust (D).
Properties: The filters have a protective filter housing and they are used with UNIX masks for working in high humidity conditions and are much more resistant to contaminants.
As a result, the service life of the filters is increased. In addition, it provides mechanical protection against damage.
Their operating temperature is from -40 °С to +40 °С.